Shopping Mall
Shopping centers, Department stores, Station buildings

Customer traffic data is an indicator of your visitor’s interest toward your store and a vital tool to manage a store or shopping center.

Optimize sales

Extend the length of stay of your customers

By measuring the number of customers visiting your mall, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and promotions based on sales and budget analysis.

Increase customer satisfaction

By determining the average length of time a customer spends in a store (average dwell time).
Generally, the longer a customer spends in a store, the more engaged they are with the store and brand, which has a positive impact on sales.

Analyzing changes in average dwell time due to events and facility expansions can be used as an effective indicator for future planning and operations.

Effective tenant attraction and tenant mix

Effective tenant attraction and tenant mix
Customer traffic data can be used to demonstrate to tenants the facility's ability to attract customers.
By providing data such as the number of customers during peak and off-peak hours, the data can be useful for tenant companies' marketing strategies.

This information can be used to study an effective tenant mix and to place important tenants in popular areas and high-traffic locations in order to improve the effectiveness of attracting customers.

Assess the impact of advertisements, promotions, and events on sales.

Assess the impact of advertisements, promotions, and events on sales.

The number of people in a facility is a key indicator of traffic patterns.
By understanding these patterns, businesses can better target their advertising to boost traffic during quiet periods or provide extra services at peak times to enhance the customer experience.

It is important to understand the actual traffic flow generated by events or promotions in order to evaluate their popularity and inform future planning.

Monitor store congestion

Monitor store congestion

By measuring the number of visitors to a store, it is possible to grasp the congestion situation in each building, event area, food court, and other areas where people tend to congregate.

By ensuring that the appropriate number of security personnel and employees are assigned according to the number of visitors and congestion, we can guarantee safe and comfortable store operations.