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Quantify Usage of Office Building Space

Office buildings are getting smarter with various devices interconnecting to provide a better, more efficient environment for your employees and users.
People counting adds another layer to provide actual daily usage of your work space to further optimize your working environment.

Usages and Applications

Optimizing Work Space Use

Office rents are high and meeting space takes up space, identify the actual usage of meeting rooms and office space to see if there are any areas that can be put to more use.

Daily, weekly trends and usage rates can assist to optimize your work space.

Improve Building Energy Management Based on Actual Occupants

Awareness towards energy saving measures to cut CO2 emissions are on the rise.

Reduce unnecessary utility costs, by controlling your HVAC systems according to the actual usage of your spaces.

Create a Crowd-less Comfortable Working Environment

Notify employees of congestion at cafeterias, restrooms, locker rooms, smoking rooms, elevator halls etc. via apps or other means to avoid overcrowding.

The recorded data can be automatically exported in CSV format from the software or direct from the sensor in MQTT, which can be linked to signage systems and apps.

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