Hotels and Resorts
Real-time congestion notifications of hotel facilities for guests

Visualize usage of the hotel facilities

By installing a sensor at the entrance of a restaurant or accommodation, the number of people using the facilities can be counted.

Congestion or occupants are calculated by subtracting the number of people entering from the people leaving to grasp peak times during breakfast etc.

The data can be linked to the hotel’s signage system, to inform guests of congestion at the restaurants, front desks etc. to allow guests to use the facilities comfortably.

Usages and Applications

Grasp Usage and Congestion of Restaurants

By installing sensors at the restaurant entrances and setting occupancy thresholds, the data can be used to notify customers if the facilities are currently crowded.

The recorded data can be automatically exported in CSV format from the software or direct from the sensor in MQTT, which can be linked to signage systems.

Front Desk Congestion

Measure the number of people in line at the front desk or any places that congestion occurs.

Real-time data (minimum 1 second) can be provided.
The data can be linked with digital signage systems or in-room displays to inform congested times to your guests.

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