Retail Chain Stores
Specialty stores, mass merchandise stores

Quantify store's power to attract customers

By measuring the number of people who walk by the store, people who actually enter the store, people who make a purchase, people who are interested in a product, etc... we can help quantify people’s interest and popularity towards your store or brand.

Usages and Applications

Grasp Foot Traffic and Conversion Rates

Combining “Traffic data trends” with “Sales/Transaction data” will assist staff to approach underlying problems that sales data alone could not uncover.

If foot traffic is high but sales are low there may be missed sales opportunities, also by constantly monitoring the traffic trends decreases in traffic can be identified early on and various measures can be taken to regain traffic.

Evaluate effectiveness of store front signage and displays

Peel-off rate (the number of people who entered your store out of the total number of people who pass in front of your store) can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your digital signage or product displays near the entrance.

In-store analysis with 360-degree camera

A single camera can be used to analyze the information of customers entering and leaving the store, the products/shelves they are interested in, and also detect congestion at the cash register.

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