Real-time Occupancy Tracking

A firmware option to display guidances or notices based on the number of people in the sensor detection area. 
  • Reduce Overcrowded Areas

    Provides real-time data of the number of people in event spaces, smoking areas, and any areas where "crowding" is likely to occur. The number of people in the area is measured from overhead in real time and designated alerts or images are shown to reduce crowding in the area.

  • Display Guidance Images According to the Threshold

    When the number of people in an area exceeds a set number, a warning message will be displayed according to the number of people. Three-levels of real-time congestion levels can be shown.

  • Change Display Images Freely

    The images displayed for each level can be changed by the user. Set to show alert messages during congested periods and advertisement images during uncongested periods.

  • Combine Data of Multiple Sensors for Larger Areas

    Multiple sensors can be installed and the data from each sensor can be added up to provide real-time congestion data.

Service Configuration

Overview Diagram