People Counting Sensors

Camera-based image analyzing sensor that can accurately count visitor traffic.
The sensors, installed in ceilings above entrances, are compact and unobtrusive.
The system uses state-of-the-art patented image recognition technology to count the number of people who pass under the sensor. 


  • Wide Area Coverage

    Cover wide entrances with minimum no. of sensors.
    Detects widths of 4.5 meters or more at 3 meter height.

  • Easy Installation

    PoE Powered sensor, No hassle installation and Simple Web-based setup.

  • Data Integration

    Various count data transfer formats (ftp, http, mqtt etc.) are available for easy data integration.

Counting Technology

In using counting data day to day, stable and reliable counting is ESSENTIAL.
The AIO Series has been developed based on highly accurate patented image analysis (object shape recognition) technology.
The system searches for and tracks human profiles within a specified area (image) and counts the number of people according to the set count area and direction.

Complex behaviors (stopping or turning around) can also be recognized and counted with high accuracy.

The images are captured as virtual 3D human profiles which minimize impact from shadows or ambient light.
*The images are not stored on the sensor. The images are discarded upon detecting a person. 


 Various hardware options are available depending on your counting environment.

All In One Camera Sensor (AIO VC Series)

Camera (image capturing) and analyzing processor are combined into one unit, on-site system configuration is very simple, making device management and maintenance easy. 

Camera + Processor Separate Type (for longer distances (150m) and special counting environments)

Consists of three types of sensors for various installations and a Processor that detects and tracks people from the images from the sensor.