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Customer Traffic Counting System TRAFIX-RESEARCH

Anywhere can become a research point, including entrances, walkways, or floors.Compare visitor volume before and after renovation, or estimate the advertising effectiveness according to the traffic volume.


By using an image analyzing sensor, the TRAFIX-RESEARCH Customer Traffic Research System can provide data relating to in-store aisle traffic volume and the flows of people over a specified period, from several weeks to several months.

The system enables in-depth data by measuring people's movement according to which way they move (right turns, left turns, going straight etc.). This means it is possible to know the movement of people entering and exiting a store, the visit rate of each floor, and the flow of people within a store. With this data, it is possible to improve facilities and services to further enhance customer circulation.

Quantifying customer traffic everywhere, including entrances, walkways, junctions, or floors.