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Multi-Store Customer Traffic Counting System PALOSSIE AIO

A simple system for visualizing a store's customer attraction.All-in-one sensor type capable of image analysis to traffic data output.


Three features of simplicity

Counting solution for both single and multiple stores applications

PALOSSIE AIO can export the data directly from the sensor to a centralized server to either our IWPRO-ENTERPRISE, a multi-store customer traffic analysis system (Japanese, Korean versions available) or a 3rd party software to be integrated centrally.

Easy device configuration from within the network

Device settings can be configured through the network to efficiently configure the settings of multiple stores, to reduce work on-site at the time of installation and minimize maintenance costs by remotely accessing the sensors.

All-in-one sensor

Camera (image capturing) and analyzing processor are combined into one unit, on-site system configuration is very simple, making device management and maintenance easy.

Providing reliable data with high measurement accuracy

In using conversion rates and year-to-year comparisons as store management indexes, it is essential to have stable and reliable counting. PALOSSIE AIO has been developed based on highly accurate image analysis (object shape recognition) technology from L-PALOSSIE. Our image analysis technology captures human profiles and tracks those profiles in order to provide reliable customer traffic data.

The system searches for and tracks human profiles within a specified area (image) and counts the number of people according to direction.
Complex behaviors (stopping or turning around) can also be recognized and counted with high accuracy.
In addition, capturing virtual 3D human profiles exhibits excellent recognition performance with a minimum impact from shadows or ambient light.


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  • IWPRO-ENTERPRISE Customer Traffic Analysis Web System

Optional Solutions

  • PASSER-NET Display Secondary Display System


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