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Customer Traffic Counting System L-PALOSSIE

Cost-effectiveness achieved by using LAN network

To grasp customer volume and conversion rate as an index for making business decisions, it is essential to have stable and reliable counting.
Our technology (object shape recognition) captures human profiles and tracks those shapes in order to provide reliable customer traffic data.


The L-PALOSSIE Customer Traffic Counting System employs a camera-based image analyzing sensor that can accurately count visitor traffic. The sensors, installed in ceilings above entrances, are compact and unobtrusive. The system uses state-of-the-art patented image recognition technology to count the number of people who pass under the sensor.
The sensor can detect people both coming in and going out simultaneously in real time.
The traffic data collected from the sensors is automatically transferred to a PC for furnishing traffic reports to be used for analyzing purposes.

The sensor can detect people standing still and people moving about the counting area, and can accurately count traffic during crowded times.
A single sensor is able to cover a wide area of space, multiple sensors can also be linked to accommodate wider entrances/locations.
The sensor can count two-way traffic (inbound and outbound) simultaneously, and as an additional option, our system can be set to count up to 8 directions for areas with more movement, such as corridors and escalators. (Please refer to Optional Solutions.)

Obtaining various data with direction recognition technology
  • Entrance/Exit and Volume of Traffic

    Counting both entering and exiting traffic

    Traffic flow by direction

    Research of number of passers-by (traffic volume)

  • Junction or Entrance of Building Block

    Counting both entering and exiting traffic

    Traffic flow by direction

    Research of number of passers-by (traffic volume)

  • Store Entrance Rate and Conversion Rate

    Research of store entrance rate (traffic entering store from walkway)

    Research of entrance route (entrance path)

  • Escalator and Elevator

    Research of escalator use

    Research of floor traffic (floor entrance rate)

    Research of elevator use

Object Shape recognition / Proprietary detecting and tracking processing technology

The system searches for and tracks human profiles within a specified area (image) and counts the number of people according to direction.
Complex behaviors (stopping or turning around) can also be recognized and counted with high accuracy.
In addition, capturing virtual 3D human profiles exhibits excellent recognition performance with a minimum impact from shadows or ambient light.

Broad counting area

A single sensor can cover wide entrances.
(Counting width of 5,000 mm at an installation height of 3,000 mm or more)



Customer traffic data can be useful for a wide variety of industries, including the retail industry (e.g., department stores, mass retailers, and specialized stores), public facilities (e.g., galleries and museums), domed stadiums, and shopping centers. Different facilities, departments can implement the data in different ways.

However, one common point is that the data is used to determine or evaluate the effectiveness of measures to attract more customers/visitors and improve sales.


Although customer traffic data is useful by itself, it proves even more valuable when combined with customer attraction and sales information, which enables to understand consumer intentions and to determine the appeal of products in the store.

■ Sales per visitor = Sales amount / Number of visitors
■ Conversion Rate = Purchasers / Visitors
■ Sales = Number of visitors x Transaction price x Conversion Rate
■ Average Dwell Time (buying time)

The accumulation of the above data is essential for a management index for making appropriate decisions regarding facility renovations and for weighing reactions to environmental changes.


System example with simple network management



The L-PALOSSIE Customer Traffic Counting System consists of hardware including a sensor (three types available) and a processor, and the data processing software.

Sensor type
Compact and discreet, and easy to install
Flush-mount sensor Surface-mount sensor Dust-proof and water-
proof dome sensor
High-speed processing of human profiles.
provides reliable counting accuracy.


Click here for more information about the software.

  • IWPRO-STORE Customer Traffic Analysis Web System
  • IWPRO-ENTERPRISE Customer Traffic Analysis Web System
  • PASSER-NET Report

Optional Solutions

  • PASSER-NET Display Secondary Display System


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