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Customer Traffic Counting System PALOSSIE

A single sensor can count both people entering and leaving a facility.Our sensing technology is developed for the purpose of counting peopleto provide highly accurate count data.


Palossie Customer Traffic Counting System is a camera-based image analyzing sensor which can accurately count visitor traffic. The sensors are installed in ceilings above entrances. The sensors are compact and unobtrusive. The system counts the number of people who pass under the sensor with state-of-the-art patented image recognition technology.
The sensor can detect people both coming in and going out simultaneously in real time.
The traffic data collected from the sensors is automatically transferred to a PC for furnishing traffic reports to be used for analyzing purposes.

The sensor can detect people standing still and people moving about the counting area, and can accurately count traffic during crowded times.
Although a single sensor is able to cover a wide area of space, multiple sensors can also be linked to accommodate wider entrances/locations.
The sensor can count two-way traffic (inbound and outbound) simultaneously, and as an additional option, our system can be set to count up to 8 directions for areas with more movement, such as corridors and escalators. (Please refer to Optional Solutions.)


The PALOSSIE Customer Traffic Counting System comprises of four components, Hardware (Sensor, Controller, Data-terminal) and Software (Data Processing Software). Up to 4 sensors can be directly connected to the Controller. For facilities that require more than 4 sensors, the sensors will be connected to the Controller via Data-terminal.
The controller automatically collects the traffic data counted by the sensors and sorts the data by time and entrance.


The sensors are installed in the ceilings and is compactly designed to not interfere with the design of your facility.


When more than 4 sensors are required a data-terminal is required.
The data-terminal is installed in the EPS (electric pipe shaft/riser) etc. which supplies power to the sensors.


The controller collects the traffic data of the sensor and sorts the data by time and entrance.
One controller can control all the required sensors.

WPas Data Processing Software

This software furnishes reports and graphs of daily, monthly and annual data. The data files are saved on to the hard disc of the PC to enable quick loading of past traffic data.
* Reports can be customized according to your requirements. Please contact us for further information.

IWPas (Report Web-delivery Program refer to Optional Solutions for more information)

By using the Intranet (LAN/WAN networks), multiple people inside the group can view the customer data reports and charts from other connecting computers through internet explorer browsers. (Optional)