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Gender and Age Analysis System DEMOGRAPHIC FACIA

DEMOGRAPHIC FACIA detects an uninterrupted flow of people by utilizing human shape recognition technology used for our customer traffic counting system. From the detected upper body images, the FACIA analyzing software estimates the gender and age group of the individuals, and compiles the results in a database.

A database of customer genders and ages enables more precise customer segmentation and provides a useful index to take a demand-driven approach.


1. Accurate people tracking and recognition

The system prevents double detection by constantly tracking individuals until they pass through the detection area.

2. Estimation results are classified into 5-year groups

The results are classified into 12 age categories: under 10, 5-year increments from 10 to 50 years old, and over 60.

3. Estimation and management with a single computer

The camera and processor work as a set, the estimations can be managed with just one computer.
A dedicated computer per camera is not necessary.

4. Reporting Applications combined with customer traffic counting system

The IWPRO-STORE application enables viewing both FACIA and customer traffic counting system data.

The detailed customer attribution data (gender and age) obtained with DEMOGRAPHIC FACIA can be used to understand customers' age groups seen on a certain day of the week, period, or event, as well as to analyze correlations between target groups and non-target groups, or buyers and non-buyers.


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  • IWPRO-STORE Customer Traffic Analysis Web System


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