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Purchasing Process Evaluation System AIDMA-SEARCH

By measuring the "attention" and "interest" customers show in the sales area and compiling it in a database,the system can quantify unnoticed customer behaviors and the value of the sales area.


The AIDMA-SEARCH Purchasing Process Evaluation System measures how many people are interested in a specific product or in a specific sales area, and complies people's interest (attention, interest, desire, motive, and action) into a database.

The popularity of sales area or product is generally only roughly estimated from temporal customer volume or the sales amount.
AIDMA-SEARCH quantifies the appeal of a sales area or product in regard to customer attraction, which allows the potential of the sales area or product to be easily evaluated.

Defining the popularity of the sales area and products

A customer's interest is estimated based on the length of time spent in a sales area or in front of a product.
If the customer's behavior does not indicate any interest, the customer is counted as "uninterested."
The level of interest is classified into "Focused," "Interested," and "Highly Interested," depending on the length of time spent, and added up respectively.
Interest (AIDMA) can be determined within a specific period or depending on a time range or day of the week. In addition, customer movement in the store, the value of a sales area, and the popularity and loyalty of a product can be deducted.

System Configuration

A sensor is installed in the ceiling of the sales area to be evaluated, and a processor and computer with reporting software (AIDMA application) is installed in the office. With the processor and computer connected via LAN, the data will be collected, managed on a database, and generate reports.
Because data can be accessed via any Web browser on the network, the data can be viewed from the head office or any other remote site on the network.

What is AIDMA?

AIDMA is a consumers' psychological process model from becoming aware of a product to actually purchasing it. It is an abbreviation of the words Attention, Interest, Desire, Memory, and Action.

AIDMA model
Perception Stage A: Attention What's this?
Affect Stage I: Interest
D: Desire
M: Memory
I want this!
Action Stage A: Action I'll buy it!


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